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Virtual Sessions & Events

 Virtual Sessions:

somatic (body) breathwork, movement and grounding practices

binding care 

top surgery prep and recovery 

scar tissue release

stretching and strengthening exercises 

self massage and myofascial release

friend/partner massage 

Email me at to request a session.


Payment: No charge expected for virtual sessions if you are Black, Indigenous, and/or A Person of Color.
Sliding scale of $30-$60+ per hour expected from white folks. Payments accepted via
my PayPal which is attached to my email.  

Other Continued Offerings

I will continue offering hands-on work pop-up style at healing spaces accompanying protests and at other events and for organizationsEmail me if you want to collaborate!

I will also keep offering embodiment trainings to groups and organizations, such as the one I did with JWI. Would your organization be interested in that? Send me an email! You can check out one handout from that presentation in the Mind-Body Connection Library, listed as Bodywork With J Body Practices.

Supporting Community Care

Want to support the funding of community care (via my sliding scale massage therapy and no and low cost virtual work?) Check out the Support tab! If you join my Patreon, you'll also receive monthly video/audio content and you can make requests for topics!

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