These logistics only apply to in-person massage therapy which I am currently not offering due to COVID-19. Please see my Practice Updates for current offerings! 

If you are a new client, you will need to fill out an intake form ahead of time for legal reasons and to help start the intake process. To set up an appointment at my private practice, email me. After your appointment is booked, I'll ask you to fill out my private practice form. To set up an appointment with me at Freed Bodyworks, you can book online or email me, and you will be emailed instructions to fill out their form.


At our first appointment, we will have a half hour intake to talk through your form, health history, comfort, goals, concerns, etc. before we start anything hands-on. After the first session, we will still check in for a few minutes at the start and end of each session. If you are uncertain about receiving touch/don’t want to commit to booking an appointment, and would prefer to have the initial intake via zoom, email me. I do not charge for the intake portion, in person or via zoom. 

See the FAQ for questions on clothing, sickness, cancellations, areas of the body we can work, some common conditions that massage can benefit, what kind of massage I do, consent and communication practices, ticklishness, pressure/pain tolerance, what “to do” when you’re on the table, information on language, Disability, and other metal health, physical health, and body-related concerns. Note: If you book an appointment with me, I will talk you through everything, so no need to actually read any of the FAQ unless you want to. It’s there for folks who would like to know more ahead of time, and for folks who are considering if massage is a thing they want to try exploring.

I offer chair massages for organizations/groups/workplaces, and may offer sliding scale or a package deal depending on the resources of the group. Please email me for more info on that.

Considerations for booking at my private practice vs at Freed Bodyworks:

Please note that anyone can book with me at Freed Bodyworks at any time. I have less availability in my sliding scale private practice, and will prioritize new clients who are QTPOC.

Cost and Form of Payment: 

If you are paying with a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), I will need to work with you at Freed Bodyworks. Freed Bodyworks accepts cash, cards, and checks. The cost is $105/60 min. or $145/90 min. It is $5 off for cash/checks and 15% off if you work for a LGBTQ and/or racial justice organization. If Freed Bodyworks is a better location for you, but pricing is inaccessible, email me. I can do a limited amount of sliding scale work there. 


At my private practice, my sliding scale ranges from $30 - $130 for 60 min. or $70 - $170 for 90 min. I accept cash, checks and business PayPal. I ask for you to add 3% more if you choose PayPal to help me cover costs.

If you are interested in receiving bodywork (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or just once in a while), the thing that is most important to me is making that happen, so please email me, and we can figure out how to make it work financially. The amount you pay can be the same or vary each time. In my private practice, tipping should be considered a way to contribute additional money when possible to my sliding scale, but should not be accounted for when figuring out what is personally sustainable, and therefore is not expected each time or ever.​ My sliding scale relies on having support from/having clients who are committed to this vision and able to redistribute wealth by funding the higher part of my sliding scale. If you would like to purchase a session for someone you know or if you are able to contribute funds for someone who can't afford it, please email me. 

Hours of Operation: 

My private practice hours in NW DC are generally:
Mondays: noon - 11 pm,
Tuesdays: 3 - 9 pm, and
Wednesdays: 9:30 am - 1:30 pm.

I work at Freed Bodyworks in SE DC:

Thursdays: 5 - 9:30 pm, and

Fridays: 12:30 - 8:30 pm.

Location and Accessibility

Freed Bodyworks is in SE DC at 1337 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003. It is a block from the Potomac Metro stop. My private practice is in NW DC on multiple bus routes in a building shared with other humans and cats who won’t disturb us, but will be around. The room I use is sectioned off with a room divider and has a private bathroom attached. Address provided after booking. 


If a ramp will be more accessible than steps for you, we will need to book your session at Freed Bodyworks. Email me to set up the appointment, and let me know that you’ll be using the ramp so that I can reserve the ground floor room connected to the ramp entrance. 

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