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Massage Therapy Logistics

Please check the home page "practice updates" to find out if I am accepting massage therapy session requests. 

Cost, Questions about Insurance, and Sliding Scale Option: 

The full cost is $105/60 min. or $145/90 min. Tips are not expected, but greatly appreciated, and tips in cash are always best. Keep reading for how to contribute to my sliding scale. I may be able to provide a special receipt for massage if requested to submit for reimbursement from flexible spending accounts, but please know that I cannot accept insurance. Payment can be accepted via cash, check and PayPal (email associated is PayPal includes the option to pay with card if you use the "Buy Now" button above.

Sliding scale work is available to People of Color at $30-$105 an hour/$50-$145 for 90 min. The amount you pay can be the same or vary each time. Starting September 2022, sliding scale will no longer be available for white folks.

My sliding scale relies on having support from folks who are committed to this vision and able to redistribute wealth by contributing to my sliding scale. To help me provide sliding scale massage therapy, you can pay (any amount) more than the "full cost" of a session, or you can check out other ways to support on the Support page. If you know of any donors who might like to contribute to this, please do pass this along and/or connect us - I would be so appreciative. 

Hours of Operation as of Nov 2022: 

Wednesdays: 12 - 9 p.m.

Thursdays: 12 - 9 p.m.

Fridays: 11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Location and Accessibility

I am 0.4 mi, in a northeast direction, from the Columbia Heights Metro. Exact address provided after booking. Free, two-hour street parking outside. Leave yourself time to have to drive around the block/look for parking.  

Stairs: I apologize if the stairs make my practice inaccessible to you. There is no elevator, and I will be on the third floor. There are steps to get into the building (6, then a landing, then 7 more ) and steps to get into the room (14, then a landing, then 16 more).  

Bathroom: There is an all-gender bathroom on the same floor.

Cat Allergies: Please let me know if you have them! I will make sure the cats aren't in the room during your session or the session(s) before you that day. 

Monkeypox Protocol:

If you have monkeypox or have had contact with someone with monkeypox, please let me know/cancel before your appointment. Please email me your vaccination records as you get them! My continued covid precautions around laundering and sanitizing should suffice for moneypox precautions. My monkeypox vax dates are: 8.24.22 and 9.22.22. 

COVID-19 Protocol:


Floor and Building info: 

The floor I am on will just be us and cats during sessions. I am unmasked on the third floor when not in session. Other people on the first and second floors will be unmasked.

When to Cancel: 

- If you have any Covid-19 symptoms or general cold/flu symptoms, text me to cancel asap. I am unwilling to risk getting someone's cold as it puts me out of work and income. Also, receiving bodywork while you are sick may make you feel sicker.

- If you test positive for Covid-19 leading up to our appointment, please cancel immediately even if you are vaccinated and don't have symptoms. We can re-book once you start testing negative on rapid tests and are at least 5-10 days out.  

- If you are exposed, unmasked, to someone who tests positive for Covid-19 in the days leading up to our appointment, please text me so we can figure out whether to postpone. 

Note: For any sickness or Covid-related cancel, you will not be charged if you let me know as soon as you can. Please give me as much notice as possible so that I have a chance of re-booking your appointment with someone else on my cancellation list! I will cancel/reach out for the same reasons I ask you to.

Precautions Before Sessions: 

- Fill out the waiver here once, and if applicable, email me your vaccination card once to bodyworkwithj@gmail.comIf you aren't vaccinated, let me know that immediately via email, and we can chat to see if we are able to work together based on recent travel, other exposure risks, and recent testing (yours and mine). 

- I will no longer be taking a rapid test before every shift. If you would like me to take one the day of your appointment, please request that via text at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment. 

Precautions During Sessions:

- Masks on entire time unless to quickly slip water. No exceptions will be made. I prefer that you wear a KN95 or N95. If you wear a surgical or cloth mask, please adjust/tie off the straps so there aren't gaps. If you arrive without any of those options, I can give you a KN95 for $2. I will wear a KN95 or N95.

- HEPA filter will be on low (recommended for Covid-19)

- If I have to adjust my mask, touch my phone to adjust the music, or sip water, I'll sanitize my hands before resuming touch. 


Precautions Between Sessions:

- I sanitize the headrest, my stool, my oils, my phone, and the doorknob. 

- I change all blankets and linens. 

- I thoroughly clean my forearms and hands. 

- I run HEPA fan for 15 min on turbo to air out room. 


Positive Tests Following Sessions:

I will contact you if I test positive in the week following our appointment. I ask for you to do the same. I'll also contact you if a client I see before you during the same day later reports a positive test.

My Vaccination Info: 

Pfizer 3/20/2021

Pfizer 4/10/2021

Pfizer 11/4/2021

Case of Covid: 4/7/2022

Bivalent, Pfizer: 9/16/2022

Info for New Clients: 

Please check my homepage for whether my practice is full under "practice updates" before you ask to book or fill out forms.

At our first appointment, we will have a half hour intake to talk through your intake form (provided after we book your appointment via email), health history, comfort, goals, concerns, etc. before we start anything hands-on. After the first session, we will still check in for a few minutes at the start and end of each session. If you are uncertain about receiving touch/don’t want to commit to booking an appointment, and would prefer to have the initial intake via google meet, email me. There is no charge for the intake portion, in person or virtually. 

See the FAQ for questions on clothing, sickness, cancellations, areas of the body we can work, some common conditions that massage can benefit, what kind of massage I do, consent and communication practices, ticklishness, pressure/pain tolerance, what “to do” when you’re on the table, information on language, Disability, and other metal health, physical health, and body-related concerns. Note: If you book an appointment with me, I will talk you through everything, so no need to actually read any of the FAQ unless you want to. It’s there for folks who would like to know more ahead of time, and for folks who are considering if massage is a thing they want to try exploring.

I offer trainings and chair massages for organizations/groups/workplaces, and may offer sliding scale or a package deal depending on the resources of the group. Please email me for more info on that.

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