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Resource Hub

The Video page has video content I create on stretching, self and friend massage, breathwork, and other ways to alleviate tension and pain from our bodies. All my videos are on my YouTube Channel. Please subscribe!

The Mind-Body Connection Library houses a PDF of practices I offer, and will also connect you to other practitioners, practices, videos, and articles for more resources on tension and pain management.

Check out the Influential Writings and Podcasts page for material that has informed me in my personal and practitioner journeys over the last few years.

Check out the Orgs, People, Campaigns page for local and national organizers and healers of Color to connect with, follow on social media, learn from, and financially support. 

Also check out my separate Writings tab for various mind-body offerings relevant to regulation, including a practice of "Bath for Self-Regulation *With Breath and Touch Integration*" and an essay called "On 'Building A Culture'* And How Our Mental Health Affects Anti-Racism Work: A Call To White Folks."

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