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Consent-based Massage Therapy and Embodiment Support 

with Sliding Scale Prioritizing QTBIPOC


J Sheffield (they/them pronouns)
DC-Based, Licensed Massage Therapist

My path to becoming a bodyworker was encouraged by the need I witnessed for community care in organizing and activist spaces. I strive to offer massage therapy that is accessible and affirming to queer and trans folks, and folks of Color. I am committed to offering bodywork as a form of self and community care to help sustain us in our daily lives and activism. I strive to offer work that is trauma-informed, race-informed, fat and body positive, and comfortable in a way that honors how, when, and where clients want to, and don’t want to, receive touch. Massage is provided at the client's comfort level of undress (while draped/under a sheet) or clothed. I consider this life-long work, and am committed to receiving client feedback to better my understanding and practice.


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COVID-19 Practice Updates

Virtual and
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I was wincing and in tears
almost daily before I started getting my weekly massages! I’m super thankful for their sliding scale. Bodywork is a necessity not a luxury!"

J offered me the most thoughtful intake session I have ever experienced and it made all the difference in ensuring my massage was optimized for my comfort and tailored to my needs all the way through."

I don't like being touched by people generally and I felt super comfortable with them because I knew they would be affirming to my identity and also my body."


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