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Consent-based Massage Therapy and Embodiment Support 

with Sliding Scale Prioritizing QTBIPOC



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J Sheffield (they/them pronouns)
Located in Washington, DC, USA on Nacotchtank (Anacostan) and Piscataway land

My path to becoming a bodyworker was encouraged by the burnout in organizing and activist spaces, and I am committed to offering bodywork and embodiment support in service of encouraging self and community care. I believe in every client’s own body wisdom and ability to create more space and capacity in the nervous system; I am here to support that, to witness, create a container, and hold space for anything that comes up and wants to be acknowledged. I am a white, queer, non-binary human and I strive to offer work that is accessible and affirming to queer and trans folks, and Black and Indigenous folks and People of Color. Please email me at if professional level prices at Freed Bodyworks (where I work) are not financially accessible, but sliding scale work would make bodywork possible for you. QTBIPOC will be prioritized. More info on my sliding scale on the logistics page. I strive to offer work that is consent-based, trauma-informed, race-informed, fat and body affirming, and comfortable in a way that honors how, when, and where clients want to, and don’t want to, receive touch. I provide touch at the client's comfort level of undress or clothed (while some or all of the body remains draped, meaning under a sheet). Please know that I consider receiving client feedback a gift to better my understanding and practice.


COVID-19 Practice Updates

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I resumed hands-on massage therapy May 17, 2021!

Full testimonials on Facebook here

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I was wincing and in tears
almost daily before I started getting my weekly massages! I’m super thankful for their sliding scale. Bodywork is a necessity not a luxury!"

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J offered me the most thoughtful intake session I have ever experienced and it made all the difference in ensuring my massage was optimized for my comfort and tailored to my needs all the way through."

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I don't like being touched by people generally and I felt super comfortable with them because I knew they would be affirming to my identity and also my body."


For questions/concerns or to request a session, email me at

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